lørdag 10. november 2018

10. YOU

I like magic! Early next morning I was dreaming. That is I believed I was dreaming. As on the previous days, some early morning birds were chirping so I am not sure. When I turned around in bed, the small box was there once again. Nothing rattled inside. I opened the box. There were some sheets of paper. I wanted to read chapter 10.

10. YOU  
Then there was no more. The paper was white. White. I flipped the page. Nothing. I put the paper back and closed the box. Then opened it one more time. I do not know why.
All of a sudden letters appeared – 10. YOU
I like magic for sure. However, this was weird. I was alone in the room. No doubt about that. Then more words popped up, one after the other.

You are the maker of these stories, I read. Stalin’s dagger is real as far as your imagination created it. I moved my eyes sideways and downwards, and it seemed the sheet of paper lived its own life. I started from the top. To my surprise what was under the first few lines disappeared. I started reading from the beginning.

10. YOU

-          You are the maker of these stories. Stalin’s dagger is real as far as you imagination created it. Yours is the power of creation, but remember, keep remembering that you have to reign in this power. You can only open a few of many doors. You have to take care. Once you have opened one, the others are closed for you. The story of you lives its own life far beyond your control.
This was interesting! I had never experienced anything similar. My mind was bubbling. What was happening? I continued reading.
-          You are swimming in a lukewarm sea, and reaches the shore of an isolated island. As you rest in the sand, you wonder if you are the only living human being here. You are thirsty. The sun is relentlessly hot.
What did I want to do? Yes, what did I want? I stopped reading for a brief moment. Thinking. Imagining. Sure I wanted many things. But I had to choose. Choose what? The time traveller? I had to decide and go on reading.
-          You rise up. You want water. There has to be water around. You walk along the beach close to the sea, and detect a small stream. Crystal clear water is caressing round pebbles. You lie down and drink you fill. The stream comes from somewhere.
Somewhere? Where was somewhere? I wanted to know. Definitely! I had to continue reading. Was my mind playing me tricks? Somewhere. No more words to read. I had to stop thinking and start reading.
-          You hear the sound of water trickling over and between pebbles. The surroundings are lush and green. Blue damsel flies are hovering in the air, wings moving in slow motion.
The time traveller. Were I to meet him some place? I was not sure. My head was boiling like a pot of steaming water. Thoughts were ricocheting inside my skull.
-          You see a small waterfall ahead, across a small pond full of waterlilies. A sweet fragrance fills the air. Close to the waterfall a young woman is sitting, here legs crossed one over the other. You know, or at least you should know – this woman is destined for you and you are destined for her.
A mighty thunderclap followed. The page was empty. No more words. Only white paper.

End of chapter 10. To be continued in chapter 11.