mandag 22. juli 2013

”Nice flight from Juvass”

Eventually the wind slowed down, and we got some nice flying from Juvass. As for myself I went up to 2.620 m asl close to Galdhøpiggen, the highest mountain (2.469 m) in Norway. The thermals petered out on the way, so I had to turn.

We went for a short walk east of Juvasshytta to have a look down in Visdalen. On the way back there was a foul smell in the air; the waste water (grey water) from Juvasshytta poured out on the ground due to the permafrost in the area (see photo). Shit happens, you can say… Not very friendly to the environment, I guess. Still it is accepted by the local areas. They do the same at the summer skiing centre. And will probably do the same with the waste water at Mimisbrunnr klimapark

Shit happens in Lom municipality now and before. Quite interesting (also philosophically and historically) how they start to use reminiscenses of old Norse mythology in this area. As the Nazi party Nasjonal samling (Vidkun Quisling) did before and during the Second World War. The Nazi mayor in Lom, Paal O. Aukrust, was reelected after the war, see

In Lom you also find the Norwegian National Monument, Sagasøylen. The monument should have been situated in front of  Stortinget in Oslo, but the artist, Rasmussen, was a member of Nasjonal samling during the war. Of all places you find the monument in – Lom. Coincidence or what.

Shit happens in Lom. Driving along the road through Lom in summer there is a pungent smell of cow dung to remind us of past and present times?

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