torsdag 22. august 2013

”It is too late now, UK and USA!”

The photo shows the destroyed computer containing the Guardian’s copies of the Snowden files. Background info on

Still there exist copies in Brazil and the United States, and the UK and the USA know about these copies. Then why do the British perform an act that puts them in company with despotic regimes only naming them makes you want to clean and rinse your mouth?

Atle does not want to look for an answer as he, like many times before, has to admit that he does not know very much.

However, it is interesting to see how clever leaders are defrocking themselves (do you remember the story of H C Andersen, The Emperor’s New Clothes?). Not too different from leaders like Stalin, Hitler, and Mao (just to mention a few), Obama and Cameron have stripped themselves of a fair share of credibility. Everyone stands, or will stand, stark naked facing history.

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