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«To be protected»

Suspect's rights 'to be protected'

BANGKOK: -- Accused red shirt being questioned to uncover the 'mastermind' behind fake palace statement, Army says

KRIS BUDDEECHIN, the man suspected of disseminating a fake palace statement on a social networking site, is being held without charge under martial law but junta spokesperson Colonel Winthai Suvari has said Kris' rights would be protected.

The comment was made as Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha - on his weekly national TV address yesterday - urged people to be careful and ensure that false information is not spread via social networking sites.

The premier acknowledged that some people spread false information without knowing they were doing that, but he asked people who used social media to reduce the level of political hatred.

"The government has no intention of interfering or looking into what your secrets [on social networking sites] are," Prayut said, but added that there were people who want to destroy the country, the monarchy and the stability of the government.

Under interrogation

Kris, a red shirt, was arrested on Wednesday in his home province Phetchabun by police and military officers. He has been detained and interrogated at the Eleventh Infantry Division in Bangkok.

A lawyer sent to Kris by the red shirt United Front for Democracy against Dictatorship was not allowed to see him.

Winthai said Kris had not been charged yet but he was being questioned to find out who the mastermind behind the fake document was.

He said Army Chief General Udomdej Sitabutr, secretary general of the National Council for Peace and Order, insisted that the treatment of Kris was in line with security protocol and past cases handled under martial law.

He also insisted everyone, including Kris, was appropriately taken care of while under military custody and afforded justice and consideration under human rights principles.

Winthai called the fake document affair "a sensitive case which affects the feelings of many Thais", and a "violation" of royalists' feelings and their "right to love" the royal family. So, he said the case had to be handled carefully.

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