søndag 2. juni 2013

”Ipads, Iphones etc. – social media or not?”

Atle was abruptly wide awake when he read that 1 out of 4 Norwegians went to bed with their Ipads. What do you do in bed with an Ipad?

For the time being Atle is in Bangkok. At a restaurant he observed a young couple eating. Sure they were eating. They were even sitting face to face. Both of them were doing something on their Iphones as if the person sitting opposite did not exist.

At a movie theatre people were waiting for the movies to start. Almost everyone had some handheld device. Atle saw they were there. Still they were not there but some place in cyberspace. It did not look social at all.

Atle has also observed that e-mails get shorter and shorter. That is those which are ”written on my Ipad”

Atle has seriously thought about getting an Ipad himself. He has tried one, too. But it is impossible to write touch on the on screen keyboard. External keyboards are too small, too. He very often hits the wrong key and uses two or three times more time on writing the same amount of words. A disaster if you want to express yourself in a decent way in Atle’s opinion.

Written on my portable PC

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