fredag 20. september 2013

”Bee and wasp venom, centipede venom, scorpion venom, snake venom – 7% vinegar”

 What works against stings og bites from these insects and snakes?

As a former beekeeper I was stung a lot of times. By and by I got hypersensitive against bee stings; one sting could result in a swelling probably weighing between a half and one kilo!!!

Then I started to put on a cotton wad soaked in 7% vinegar letting the cotton wad stay on the place of sting for about one hour. The result was no swelling and no pain.

The chemical reaction of bee venom is said to be acidic. Still vinegar acid works. Vinegar also works on wasp stings. The wasp venom is said to be slightly alcalic or neutral.

The other day I talked to a boy who was stung by a large centipede. Stings from these centipedes hurt very much, maybe for weeks. He put on lime juice which is acidic, and he had no pain at all.

Probably using a wad soaked in 7% vinegar will relieve the pain and danger if you are bitten by a snake, too. At least it is worth to have a try immediately after you are bitten before heading for a hospital.

What made me post this is that I was much too close (20 centimeters) to a Krait snake some days ago. In fact it was between the two fabric layers of a hammock in which I was reading. I felt something moving inside the hammock but didn’t care to too much. When packing the hammock the snake popped out.

I guess the different osmotic pressure of the vinegar and the venom makes the venom ”wander” to vinegar side if you put on the vinegar immediately.

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