tirsdag 29. april 2014

”Political and religious imbecility”

Everyone knows that 1+1=2. Incantations, prayers, and threats can never make 1+1=3. You can believe it is so, but that is solely your personal belief. If millions of people believe it is so, still it is only a belief. Nothing can change that fact.

Land’s End you will find many places in this world. The Catholic Church burnt people who said that the Earth was not the center of the known world. Protestants burnt witches in many countries following religous laws based on belief. Muslims were no better.

The French Revolution in 1789 drowned in blood and petered out to almost nothing, except the meter and the metric system. Communism has transformed to its own antidote; its most ardent believers are those who profit economically and in other ways.

In Norway the Christian belief was imposed some 1000 years ago by force. Now it is up to you what to believe. The result is that less than 10 % of the population are true believers according to some definitions.
When the American President is inaugurated he puts his hand on the Bible and utters the incantations ”so help med God”. As a belief is only about believing Atle has no comments…

Only one: Would you trust people who believe that 1+1=3?

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