tirsdag 13. mai 2014

”Windy at Khao Sadao”

Most of the thermals drifted too much. There were thunderstorms around. Still I got 5 short flights. The last one was just to check out how windy it was; the wind was changing between 0 and 8 meters on takeoff, maybe because of wave activity/turbulence from Khao Phrik (westerly winds). I took off when I saw the wind was increasing downhill. And increase it did. I went up with 6 m a second and drifted back. At 10 meters I went forward and down almost to where I stood a few seconds before. Then I went up and backwards one more time before I got out. In the air it was quite turbulent and the glider made some noise from time to time above my head. A top landing seemed impossible, but somehow I managed to come down, the other pilots waited for an evening flight; I chose to go home…

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