onsdag 18. juli 2018


I like magic! Early next morning I was dreaming. That is I believed I was dreaming. As on the previous days, some early morning birds were chirping so I am not sure. When I turned around in bed, the small box was there once again. Nothing rattled inside. I opened the box. There were some sheets of paper. I started reading chapter 5.
-       -   Where did it come from, Stalin’s dagger, asked Jill.
-       -   I think the time traveller talked about Djenghis Khan, did he not?
The wind rustled in the aspen leaves. At the same time the sun disappeared behind a summer cloud.
-       -   You will have to follow me, a voice whispered. – You will have to go with me to Lindisfarne.
The time traveller was standing right behind them in his dishevelled clothes.
-        -  Lindisfarne? Why Lindisfarne?
The time traveller looked down on Jill with a smile in his greenish blue eyes.
-        -  You wanted to know more about the dagger?
-        -  Yes, Jill answered.
-       -   Then off we go!
Suddenly the air got misty. The contours of the landscape kind of vanished. They heard a swell of waves against the shore, and then the sun broke through.
-       -   This is Lindisfarne in the second week of June in the year of 793. Do you see the sails out there in the northeast?
-       -   Yes, they look like Viking ships. I am quite sure. That is not possible! All the Viking ships I know about are in museums, John said.
-       -   These are not. Remember this is 793.
Less than an hour later, the ships sailed up on the shore. It was low tide. A ragged bunch of men with battle -axes jumped into the shallow waters. Only a few of them stayed on board.
-       -   Is this real, Jill worried.
-       - This is what it was or is like when Vikings plundered the Lindisfarne monastery. Neither of you need to be afraid. They cannot see us. Watch out now to see what they are doing.
Soon after the wooden buildings were ablaze. Some of the monks were killed. Others were brought on board the ships. The marauders carried artefacts of silver and things of value to the ships. One tall man brandished a dagger over his head.
-       -   Do you see that dagger, the time traveller asked.
-        -  Yes.
-       -   See how it glitters in the sun! That is Stalin’s dagger.
-       -   How did it come to the desolate island of Lindisfarne?
-         - That is another story. Believe it or not – that dagger was the start of the Viking raids in the years to come. The Vikings did not know, but I know. The curse of Stalin’s dagger hit everyone who touched it.
The sun was setting in the west, and mist was coming from the sea. Soon it was not possible to see anything.
-        -  They were real, the Vikings, John asked.
Jill nodded.
-          - The time traveller went away, too. He is nowhere to be seen!

End of chapter 5. To be continued in chapter 6.

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