tirsdag 24. juli 2018


I like magic! Early next morning I was dreaming. That is I believed I was dreaming. As on the previous days, some early morning birds were chirping so I am not sure. When I turned around in bed, the small box was there once again. Nothing rattled inside. I opened the box. There were some sheets of paper. I started reading chapter 7, Paradise Lost.
Paradise Lost? If I do not remember wrong, that was a poem by John Milton, published in 1667. I was intrigued, wondering who wrote all the short stories in the box. Not possible that the author was John Milton?
No, this is John Milton: “Of man’s first disobedience, and the fruit

Of that forbidden tree, whose mortal taste

Brought death into the world, and all our woe,

With loss of Eden, till one greater man

Restore us, and regain the blissful seat,”
No, the author has to be someone else. That mystery would have to wait. Anyway, I continued reading.
It was summer. Bumblebees were buzzing and butterflies fluttered in the light winds. Jill and Johan were relaxing under a canopy of blue sky dotted with small white clouds.

-         -  So, said Jill. – Where is the time traveller today?
-         -  He will come. No doubt about that.

They waited and waited, and then fell asleep. John and Jill woke up when someone touched their shoulders.

-          - Ssh, said the time traveller. – Watch out!

Under a big tree full of the most wonderful red apples were two people. None of them had clothes on. It looked like the woman urged the man to bring her an apple.

-         -  Do you see the silk cloth close to the trunk of the tree, the time traveller asked. – That is where I put the dagger.

When the man did not move, a rooster crowed three time. Then the woman found the dagger, picked one of the apples, cut it in two pieces, and they started eating. A heavy rainfall followed, and there was no visibility.

-         -  What is this, John wondered. – What will happen next?
-          - Just wait and see, the time traveller said in a low voice.

The rain stopped, and two small boys appeared on the scene. They were growing fast. After few minutes had passed, they were full-grown men. They were quarrelling close to a small brook. Then the oldest and strongest found a knife and killed his brother.

-         -  Is the man lying there bleeding no one else than Abel from the Bible, John asked.
-         -  Might be, whispered the time traveller.
-         -  Then why did you give that dagger to Adam? Not very nice if you ask me.
-          - Paradise is no place for men to live, said the time traveller. Just try to imagine for yourself.
-         -  I would have no problem about living in the Garden of Eden together with Jill. Not very different from lying here in the grass watching the blue sky. However, why are we here? If this ever occurred, it is not our concern. Is it?
-      . -  What is your concern then? You do not want me to come back?

Before John was able to answer, thick fog covered everything.

-          - Do you think he will come back, Jill asked.
-          - We will see.

End of chapter 7. To be continued in chapter 8.

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