tirsdag 29. januar 2013

”Hanggliding (?) at Khao Sadao and new paramotor trike from Chantaburi”

It seems that the only thing my Wills Wing Falcon appreciates is free rides by car. The wind was very OK at 2 AM, but except for a full moon it was too dark for flying. Instead I cut lots of grass (3 hours work) at the takeoff.

On Monday we drove to Chantaburi to get my new paramotor trike. It is made by Nipon who also produces propellers from wood. Excellent quality and only about 1.800 baht a piece which is about 350 Norwegian Kroner. Quite different from what you have to pay in Norway, I guess.

The paramotor looked superb. Yamaha 150 cc, pushes 75 kilo, hydraulic shock absorbers on all wheels, electric starter, 14 liter gasoline tank. This will be great!

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