tirsdag 23. april 2013


Maybe it is time to remove the dust from Karl Marx’ slogan?

The banks and governments in many countries are loading their selfcreated problems onto people who are pushed into poverty and unemployment.

They use raw power to supress ordinary people while securing huge benefits for the banks and rich people who should have enough from before.

Isn’t it time that people start to show counter-power? As Spanish labour unions did not too long ago when they supported sacking of shopping malls?

Sure organized theft is illegal. But isn’t the organized theft of money which we see in Cyprus, Russia, the socalled ”Communist” China (just to mention a few countries)  equally illegal? At least morally?

Organized large scale theft is one way of showing the power of the people. Another way is organized withdrawal of deposits in banks and financial institutions.

Just to show who has the REAL  power in the world.

Lenin is dead, Stalin is dead, Mao is dead. Thank God, Allah etc (if there is any) for this.  

But that does not mean that the freeway is open for capitalism’s free speeding as we see in many countries.

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