fredag 1. november 2013

”Good Advice for Everything 4 – Building in Modules”

Atle has heard that quite a lot of people talk about saving the environment, recycling etc. However, when he has to go shopping (which he really does not like), he has to buy new things all the time. Why can’t he buy the modules which do not work? Because most of the things we buy are not made in modules.

If you want to change your toothbrush, why not only buy the brush and click it onto the the handle? If you want to upgrade your computer why not only buy the modules you want to change and click them in place.

The idea is feasible. Just think of all the products which might be assembled in modules that can be changed for new modules instead of buying everything brand new.

If you think this was a good idea you can donate some money to Atle. On request he will give you the number of his bank account.

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