mandag 26. oktober 2015


Are you a slave? Certainly not you would say. Not in the traditional meaning. But think about it.

A slave has limited freedom. Is your freedom limited? It certainly is.

All people are born free, but that is the end of it. The end of freedom begins after birth for most of us.

Atle does not want to discuss this issue in full. Not because he does not want to, but because he knows that you will not read too many words if the subject is extended as it should be.

If everyone was slaves, nobody would think they were slaves. Atle thinks about tax slavery – most people have to pay tax but quite a few are exempted.

Thomas Piketty (Capital in the 21st Century) writes that during «La Belle Epoque» (roughly 1700 to 1900) the rentiers had a good time. (10.000 Pound Sterling had about the same value for 200 years!)

Before the First World War in 1914 capital (almost only private capital) amounted to about 7 times the value of national income in France, the UK, and the USA. (This is not accurate– but read the book yourself).

Private capital was slashed by two world wars.

Now, in 2015, «La Belle Epoque» is returning for private capital (most nations are, however, in deep, deep debt). If you have a small purse, the revenue is 0 (zero). If you have a small bank account you might get a revenue of 1-2 % which is eaten by inflation and tax. If you have a really big purse (billions of dollars) you might get a revenue of 10 %. If you are clever the revenue is taxed in a tax haven (Cayman Islands etc), and you pay virtually no tax at all.

Everybody should agree that it is not fair that people with a modest income pay much tax, but people with immense income pay virtually nothing.

Every man is born equal, and should be so later in life, too. It is only fair and right that the affluent should contribute to the common good and welfare.

What do we need states and governments for concerning a fair taxation regime if they cannot cooperate and make rules to stop tax evasion?

It is time we, the slaves, rise and demand a stop to this.

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