lørdag 19. november 2011

”Captain America’s option”

The nuclear bombs of North Korea and Iran are or will be a reality. As the USA now has a more than 13 ton missile which can penetrate about 60 meters of reinforced concrete before it detonates, and another missile which can reach any place of the planet within half an hour and travel at 22 Mach, what will they do with those missiles?

In the Middle East there will probably be a general uprising among Arab countries if Israel should attack the Irianian nuclear facilities. I guess this will never happen. Then there will be mayhem, and the USA will be in big trouble.

America’s option will be to attack Iran before Israel feels forced to try and destroy the nuclear facilities of Iran. As Israel has nuclear bombs and probably will us them in an Israel/Arab conflict, the option of Captain America will be to use brutal force to quench such a war.

These are grim prospects, and and it seems that countries on both sides brace for that this will happen.

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