onsdag 6. februar 2013

”Paragliding (and hanggliding?) at Khao Den, Petchaburi)”

For some days we have been living on the beach, in Haad Chao Samran. In the daytime we go to Khao Den. The mountain is of volcanic origin. It seems that the lava has cooled down on the surface long time ago. The rock is almost black. In between there are large areas of quartz which have been quarried, probably for gemstones. In some places you find nice crystals of quartz.

There has been flying every day. The day before yesterday I did not fly because of forest fires around on the mountain. Yesterday I set up my hangglider, but the wind did not cooperate so I only got a short paraglider flight before the wind slowed down. Three other pilots got nice flights.

Tomorrow we go on to Chumphon and Khao Pang.

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