søndag 10. februar 2013

"Paragliding Khao Pang, Chumphon"

We stayed on the beach not too far away from the flying site Khao Pang. Clear, blue water on the beach, very different from Haad Chao Samran in Petchaburi where you see the impact of the urban areas around the Bay of Thailand.

Ursi from Switzerland had been driving all the way from hom twice !! in this 6 WD former army vehicle.

The road up to the take off was pretty bad and bumpy but no problem with 4 WD and low gear. All four of us had nice flights. On Tim's land there was an excellent landing area which looked like a golf course. Thank you Tim! For more info about this flying site look up the International Flightlog on the Internet - http://no.flightlog.org/

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