søndag 1. desember 2013

"Thailand ablaze"

Today is the proclaimed "Victory Day". The yellow shirts will occupy lots of official buildings all over Thailand from 10.30 local time. There have already been some casualties. The police is ready with water cannons and tear gas if the demonstrators cross lines close to vital official buildings in Bangkok.

These activities definitely do not comply with section 68 in the Constitution:

"Section 68. No person shall exercise the rights and liberties prescribed in the Constitution to overthrow the democratic regime of government with the King as Head of State under this Constitution or to acquire the power to rule the country by any means which is not in accordance with the modes provided in this Constitution.
In the case where a person or a political party has committed the act under paragraph one, the person knowing of such act shall have the right to request the Prosecutor General to investigate its facts and submit a motion to the Constitutional Court for ordering cessation of such act without, however, prejudice to the institution of a criminal action against such person.
In the case where the Constitutional Court makes a decision compelling the political party to cease to commit the act under paragraph two, the Constitutional Court may order the dissolution of such political party.
In the case where the Constitutional Court makes the dissolution order under paragraph three, the right to vote of the President and the executive board of directors of the dissolved political party at the time the act under paragraph one has been committed shall be suspended for the period of five years as from the date the Constitutional Court makes such order."

In this conflict there are only losers. Just now it seems that the Democrat party and the yellow shirts and their cohorts will be the big losers.

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