onsdag 25. desember 2013

"The show goes on in Thailand!"

 "Suthep vows People Revolution in January

BANGKOK: -- The People’s Democratic Reform Committee (PDRC) secretary-general Suthep Thaugsuban last night vowed to start what he now called “People Revolution” next month to put an end to the illegitimate regime of caretaker prime minister Yingluck Shinawatra . He stressed the need to end the regime before the February 2 election to prevent corrupted and bad politicians to return to Parliament and to plunder the country again.

He said that it was predictable that the February 2 election would be won by the government Pheu Thai party as there is no competitors except those small parties which are nothing else but just a tiny element.

He said if the revolution came too late and election is held, it could be exploited as an excuse by these corrupted politicians as a shield to defend their status that they are elected by the people and come from election.

He said the PDRC would never tolerate the return of such wicked regime and therefore would turn to “People Revolution” to tell the world that the people wanted to recall the sovereign power back to their hands under Article 3 of the Constitution from these bad politicians.

He said that the revolution of the people would now mean not just a one-day seizure of any particular place in the capital but “It will be to seize and shut the entire capital throughout the month”.

He told supporters to be in physical readiness for the month-long seizure and advised government officials to take side now.

If government officials chose to stay put, then they have to face the consequence from the capital shutdown which will begin next month.

He also said from now the PDRC would intensify pressure on Ms Yingluck by calling all supporters countrywide to blow whistle at her at any place and any time they see her.

If she remained stubborn and did not listen to over a million voices of the people, not only she will meet the consequences but her family as well.

He vowed that the revolution will surely end in January with no further extension."


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