tirsdag 26. august 2014

«Flight to fantasy»

Our (my) brain is an incredible gadget. Using my brain I can go anywhere and do anything in a blink of a second. 

Just now I am sitting here tapping the keyboard. Much, much faster than I can write, even articulate my thoughts in normal speech, my brain brings me hither and thither.

I am standing on a beach in Norway thousand years ago axing oak timber which later will be a ship going south to raid France and England. I am smelling the tangy seaside air at the same time breathing the odour of tar in wooden vessels nearby.

The next moment I am lying in a meadow in springtime in 2014 listening to the bumble bees droning from flower to flower. The air is crisp and clear. It is morning, and I know clouds will start popping up around noon
Then I am sitting in a space ship in the far future bound for the Andromeda Galaxy. My thoughts are wandering, and there are no limits for my fantasy.

What I see, smell, taste, touch, and feel is sometimes more real than the real world. 

This is the power of fantasy and imagination. It is for us to use it.

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