fredag 10. oktober 2014

Obesity and Ebola

It seems that Ebola is the big thing just now. Atle wonders why (as usual)? His prediction is that the disease will peter out, but Big Pharma will increase revenue helped by their loyal servants the media.

As is the case concerning obesity. Lots of medicines and miracle cures flourish while everyone who eats food should know that if you eat to much (adjusted to your activity) you will put on weight.

To make it personal – Atle is extremely lazy – when his trousers grow too small he says to himself: I am growing too big now. I have to eat less. - This works every time.

Let Ebola and obesity fill the headlines in media. Atle does not worry – he is happy while he is trying too look on the bright side of life.

Remember the movie «Life of Brian»?

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