tirsdag 24. mars 2015

Khao Sadao Saturday, Sunday, and Monday

Lots of pilots on Saturday. More than fifty people around. I tried a harness from Gin which I will order later. The reason is that now I have four paragliders from A to upper B, and I can feel absolutely no difference between them when I fly in smooth air and very turbulent air. ABSOLUTELY NOTHING! 

Concerning the five hanggliders I have had there are immense differences. I have tried three different paragliding harnesses. Only in one of them it was easy to control the glider by weightshifting. I will go for a Gin Carrera+ (upper B), but I really guess I will feel no tangible difference if I use my old harness. More about this later.
On Sunday there was tailwind all day and no flying. Monday was better; wind from all directions. My first flight was too early. The thermals were to weak, but picked up some 20 minutes later. On the next flight the wind was mainly from the east and pretty strong. Sometimes no forward speed. I found lift right outside takeoff but the thermal drifted too much. Instead of flying away I chose to go for a landing down in the fields instead of toplanding.

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