torsdag 26. mars 2015

No Trees Grow into Heaven/About Corrupted Thinking

By the way: where/what is Heaven? Not too long ago Heaven was a screen with stars fastened onto it. Later there were movable spheres moving independently round making spheric music etc. etc.

Today we know (or better THINK WE KNOW) that the limits of the Universe are more than lightyears away. That is pretty far as light moves at a speed of 299 792 458 m a second or around 300.000 kilometers a second. If we are in the middle (which is unthinkable – why should we be in the middle of the Universe?), from one end to the other there are more than lightyears.

The light we THINK we can «see» started on its way to Earth more than million lightyears ago. What was there that long ago definitely is not there now.

Our species has named itself homo sapiens sapiens as if we are unique in this world. Maybe we are unique but probably not in the way we think. The bacteria were here long time before us together with lots of other creatures. Some of them have disappeared (e.g. the dinosaurs), but many of them are still here.

Homo sapiens sapiens is extremely clever making systems even when there are no systems, only coincidences. Religion is one example. Religions are ubiquitous and different, most of them claiming that they are the only true religion. What is wrong with people who presume to know what they do not know? Atle does not even want to try to find an answer to this enigma.

Homo sapiens sapiens likes to extrapolate variables from facts he knows. From 1927 to 1977 the height of Norwegian men increased from 171.7 to 179.4, that is about 1.5 cm a decade. (see ) If we extrapolate this backwards some 1.000 years, Norwegian men would have been 29,4 cm back in 977. Everybody knows this is wrong. Neither will Norwegians grow into Heaven in the future.

Concerning climate change scientists like to extrapolate temperature data. They are free to do so, and it is difficult to disagree as it seems to be consensus on this topic. We should be aware that this is corrupted science. Science is about facts, not about extrapolating facts.

Carbon dioxide in the atmosphere has now reached 400 parts per million or 0.04 %. ( see ) This is up from 340 in 1980. See also

IF there is a correlation between temperature on Earth and carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, it seems that the leaders who met in Davos some time ago to discuss among other things climate issues, do not care about these «facts» as the 1.900 leaders went there in 1.700 private airplanes instead of using commercial airlines. HOW CAN THEY THINK WE WILL CARE WHEN THEY CLEARLY SHOW THEY DO NOT CARE?

With the existing political systems and the political leaders it seems we, the people in this world, are in deep shit. We are hostages in systems which do not work in a sustainable way.

No wonder why homo sapiens sapiens seems to find a safe haven in religion.

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