søndag 15. mars 2015

Nice flying from Khao Sadao today

.In the morning there was too much wind for safe takeoff except a few short spells. Then the thermals on the flatlands kind of switched off the strong wind and everybody started. Most of us found a good thermal area which brought us towards cloud base. That was the thermal of the day as it often is on Khao Sadao. 

Some pilots went to Dan Khun Thot, others to Khorat. A Finnish pilot went to a small village south of Chayaphum (about 100 kilometers from takeoff) and walked to a railway station to get back. 

I had a try on going home; I am (a bit?) lazy – that’s why. There was a good tailwind. In Si Khiu I was low and looked for landings. Some places they make tapioka dry in big white fields. I wondered about a soccer stadium in Si Khiu when the thermals pushed me upwards with more than 3 m a second. 

On the way to and along the main road to Chok Chai there were many good thermals. And many wide landings in between. When I saw a yellow bus shelter along the road I could not resist the temptation of going down there. 

OK waiting in the shade when the temperature is about 38-40 degrees. Not too long after I had packed my glider Ey was there with the car. Thanks to her.

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