torsdag 27. mars 2014

”Breaking news from NSA: Excessive use of iPhones/iPads and similar devices – no American passport/no access to the USA!”

American courts have in many cases ruled that American citizens cannot get passports due to unreadable fingerprints. The NSA (National Security Agency)  has in a press release said that excessive use of electronic devices can lead to fingerprints more difficult to read.

From time to time foreigners will be checked for fingerprints at American airports. If the fingerprints are not readable they can risk being sent back to their country of origin. You should therefore contact the passport issuing authorities in your homeland to check the quality of your fingerprints if you think you might be in the risk zone.

Time to check your fingerprints?

If, for some reason, this link does not work, there is the possibility that you have been fooled

as the first of April is just around the corner…

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