tirsdag 4. mars 2014

”Time for Khao Sadao”

The wind has turned to southerly directions. Grass and bushes are cut on takeoff. There are thermals and 40 degrees in the shadow.

I stayed there from Saturday to Monday. Saturday there was not very much wind. Sunday there was more. When the temperature rises to about 40 degrees it seems to me that the air is very different compared to a cool summer’s day in Norway.

In the morning I had a nice flight for about one and a half hour. However it was extremely difficult to land on the takeoff due to shifting strong wind. After noon the thermals were stronger. I waited for a period with calm wind. Calm was what I thought. Calm was what it was not. I went straight up and beckwards. Where did the wind come from? A real surprise. There have to be more thermals like this one was what I thought. The reality was different. After some 15 minutes I was grounded on the main landing. Sweating!

On Monday there was more wind. Flyable but probably very difficult to topland.

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