torsdag 4. september 2014

«President Obama and Saudi Arabia have a big problem»

«Everybody» reacts against the barbarbaric beheadings of American journalists by IS. Why does not Obama protest against beheadings and flogging i Saudi Arabia due to socalled  «religious crimes»?
Beheadings by IS is bad, but beheadings by Saudi Arabia are noe problem. Waterboarding by the Japanese was a capital crime during WW2, but former president Bush (who was responsible for waterboarding some years ago) is still not prosecuted.

The American administration speaks with two tongues. If you are not a notorious believer you cannot rely on the American judicial system more than on the judicial system of IS.

This a deplorable fact. Maybe it has something to do with oil/money, the armament industry/money (see table below)


Expenditure for military purposes in % of gross national product (GNP) in 2013 is at the top  in Saudi Arabia (9.0  %), Afghanistan (6.2 %). For the USA it is «only» 3.8 %. 

Norwegian readers can have a look at this article:

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