tirsdag 11. november 2014

Ebola cases rise but nobody cares very much?

This was the headline in the Guardian the other day: Ebola cases in Sierra Leone show sharp rise. See http://www.theguardian.com/world/2014/nov/10/ebola-cases-sierra-leone-sharp-rise


Atle does absolutely not believe in conspiration theories, but he wonders what the US and British Army do in the area. Why not civilian aid? Are they collecting samples for future biological warfare?


By the way: The USSR was crushed in the eighties by US economic pressure. Now the price of oil and the Russian roubel plummet? See http://www.eastcapital.com/Look-East/Experts/Marcus-Svedberg/Why-is-the-roubel-so-weak/  When will we see the demise of (Ras)Putin’s Russia? Lower oil price/weak roubel and more spending on the military might be an intoxicating/disastrous cocktail for Mother Russia.

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