søndag 2. november 2014

On the banks of the Mekong River

was where Atle is sitting some mornings ago. Pondering. As usual.

Small boats were shuttling between the banks on the Laos and Thai side. Some decades ago there was a war in this area. The Vietnam War. The Americans unloaded more bombs per square kilometer in Laos than in any other country ever.

What blessings to humanity did this war lead to? And all the other wars in past times and the wars in times to come?

Freedom and liberty are slogans in which many people believe. We have to remember that these are only words which we fill with contents. No wonder we have named our species Homo Sapiens Sapiens. Still that is only a name which WE have filled with contents.

Is it really clever to put names on things? When we go to schools and universities we benefit very much from remembering what names other people have put on things, events etc.

In 2014 we do not know very well how to feed our babies, we believe in a plethora of gods and supernatural phenomenae, we don’t understand why we grow obese in a way that makes us keep a normal weight, we are stroking digital devices as if they were our pets, and so on.


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