mandag 20. mai 2013

”Khao Sadao – three days with thunderstorms”

 but still possible to fly. Friday we arrived too late. On Saturday I got 5 flights, and on Sunday two.

Strong wind all night and three early morning flights on Saturday. Enough wind for top landings. Then Bengt from Sweden arrived accompanied by a heavy thunderstorm. Torrential rain, lightnings, and heavy wind. At three o’clock I could fly again. The air was kind of spooky. One short flight to check the conditions and one more top landing. A little after I tried again. Lift almost everywhere, and I had to work to come down. I did not want to follow the thermals as there was some rain falling from the clouds far away. Sometimes I did not penetrate at all, and I had several tries at top landing before I eventually succeeded.

On Sunday there was no wind in the morning. Then the wind picked up, and I flew two flights together with some three pilots from Singapore.

This week there will be southerly winds all the time…

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