onsdag 1. mai 2013

”Much flying at Khao Sadao”

from Friday to Tuesday. There was quite a lot of wind in the night time and fairly good wind in daytime. When flying we could topland almost all the time.

However there were thunderstorms all around from time to time but not much rain at take off.

On the top of the mountain we have a panorama of almost 360 degrees. Quite interesting to watch the cumulus clouds popping up. They often show themselves around 7 and 8 a.m., those are the first ones.  They rise incredibly fast some of them, like sturdy columns. Sometimes they move so fast upwards that the top of the clouds leave the bottom before they peter out. Really fascinating to watch.

Sleeping in tent on take off is very comfortable. The temperatures reached 40 degrees, but with wind in daytime it is OK. In nighttime you have natural air condition. And you observe the weather from sunrise to sunset. Much better than sleeping in the bungalows around (in my opinion).

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