tirsdag 8. oktober 2013

”Carbon Dioxide, Homo Imbecillus, and Bacteriae”

The Universe has not changed very much for the last hundred million years. Neither has the Earth. Untill a creature which, not too long ago, named itself Homo Sapiens Sapiens arrived on the scene. Atle likes to give the name Homo Imbecillus to this species.

If you go around the world you will in many places meet old place names like Land’s End, Cape Finisterre and so on. Later the Earth was the centre of the Universe. Religions made this a crucial issue. And religions still make weird somersaults of the mind.

Now we should know better than putting our species in the centre of everything. But Homo Imbecillus doesn’t.

Even environmentalists tell us that WE can change the way things are by changing our way of living. What do they mean about environmentally friendly cars, by the way? Cars releasing no carbon dioxide when driving? What would happen if every Chinese and every Indian were driving around in environmentally friendly cars?

Bacteriae have been here for a long, long time. We have not. They must have an ”intelligence” superior to ours. If not they would have been extinct.

Land’s End is in fact still very close. Ernest Hemingway grew up in a town of ”wide lawns and narrow minds”. http://www.lostgeneration.com/childhood.htm  - Not to different from most of us even if we think different.

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