mandag 14. oktober 2013

”Good Advice for Everything 1 – Keep your weight”

Keep your weight steady is the issue this time. Hundreds of millions of people around the world do not understand why their weight is increasing og decreasing. If you have a normal good health and is not ill in any way the solution is easy. You only have to eat enough, not more than enough and not less than enough.

To control what is enough Atle tells you to buy a belt. That is a small investment. Your waist line is not the same before eating and after eating. You mark off three holes in the belt. If you have to go up to hole number 4 you know you should eat a bit less.

As quite a lot of people put on kilos (maybe without knowing why?), they only have to cut down on eating to go on using only three holes in the belt.

A belt is a small investment. It will save you a lot of money which you can use for other things.

If you want to you can donate some of the money to Atle. On request he will give you the number of his bank account.

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