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”Carbon Dioxide in the Atmosphere”

are measured in parts per million. Recent preindustrial levels are supposed to have been 280 parts per million – 280 out of 1.000.000 which is 0.028 %.

In 2013 the level is supposed to be 395.15.  See  In per cent this is 0.039515 %. The increase is 115.15. The increase in per cent from 280 is an amazing 41.125 %.

There are different ways of making graphs depending on how you make the graph, that is the values you put in the horizontal x-axis and the vertical y-axis. See  Data tables should be included next to the plotted graph for easy reference.

The graphs will look different according to the inputs. If you look at the graph below you will think that what you see is the increase in carbon dioxide levels. What you see is in fact only the data which is put into the graph. If the data in the y-axis had been 1.000.000, 2.000.000, 3.000.000, and 4.000.000 line marking the increase whould have been completely flat to the eye from 1.000.280 to 1.000.395.15. The increase in % of the last two numbers is 0.009498 %, an incredibly small increase in per cent.


Carbon dioxide level graph

The following chart plots the monthly mean atmospheric carbon dioxide levels at Mauna Loa Observatory, Hawaii. Because I cannot paste the graph here you will have to click the link. the graph is pretty steep.

This graph is stunning. This is what you and I see, and this is what the policy makers see. To be more precise: This is what the people who make the graph WANT us to see. What we see is approxmimately(?) the increase in per cent from 280 parts to 395,15 - about 41 %.
To make my point a bit clearer you have to read this hypothetical example:
In Norway one year 100 people died from the flu. The next year 200 people died. An increase in mortalities of stunning 100 %. In Norway there are about 5.000.000 people. If we live for 80 years 62.500 will die every year. The mortality rate is 1,25 %. An increase of 100 one year is an increase in the mortality rate from 1.25 % to 1.252 %. Although mortalities due to the the flu soared to an amazing 100 %, the mortality rate increased only 0.002 %


Just remember that I do not mean that my way is the correct one…

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