onsdag 16. oktober 2013

”Good Advice for Everything 2 – Learning by sequencing and breaks”

If you want to learn a technical ability forget about schools using 45 minute lessons and short breaks in between (according to Atle!).

A technical ability can be something like reading, calculating, driving a car, kitesurfing, and so on. In short technical abilities are all the things we do automatically without thinking. Most of the things we do are in fact automated.

If you watch carefully a toddler learning itself to walk you will understand what Atle means by sequencing and breaks. This is something every child does without assistance. Parents can help the child, but first and foremost the toddler has to do this itself.

Somehow this is ”forgotten” by schools and universities where quite a lot of teaching and learning focuses on remembering and learning by rote. Lessons/lectures usually last 45 minutes or more. Not too much has changed since the ultimate goals of teaching and learning were focused on religion.

Next time you are to learn a technical skill think seriously about how you organize your learning. Remember that you will benefit more from the breaks between the sequences compared to hard work for many hours without a break, That is if you really want to excel in your skill.

Good luck!

If you think this was a piece of good advice and if you want to, you can donate a decent amount of  money to Atle. On request he will give you the number of his bank account.

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