tirsdag 8. oktober 2013

”Progress has arrived”

is what I think sitting here in front of a brand new LG TV (Life is Good – or is it?) writing on my computer watching the letters popping up one by one as I am pressing the keys on the computer. Great! Using the HDMI port I can watch or show everything on the PC on the TV screen! Great!

By the way – why the word ”computer” when we almost never do calculating og computing on the machine? A low tech word for a high tech machine.

If I had had an Iphone (probably short for Intelligent phone?) I guess I had scanned the TV screen for important messages from my 2.782!!! friends on Facebook.

But why do I need an intelligent phone? I think I am intelligent enough! Perusing the manual of such a phone I would just find out that I am lightyears away from being an intelligent being. So skip it!

Or maybe later? The skin on the tip of my index finger has no blisters as I guess it would have had if I had been the ”lucky” owner of an Iphone or an Ipad.

Here I am sitting on the floor in front of the TV screen surfing on the Internet. Maybe surfing is not the word. The Internet is really slow out here close to the jungle.  Progress has not arrived to this desolate place on earth where elephants, tigers, bears are plodding around in the neighbourhood. Only part of progress.

In front of my TV screen Life is Good! But only if I can put what I have just written on my blog NOW! 

YES! It worked! HOLY SHIT!  as the Americans say. By the way who or what is holy SHIT? Anybody who can help?

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