tirsdag 29. oktober 2013

”Khao Phrik and Khao Sadao – no paragliding”

On Friday Bengt and I cut grass and bushes at Khao Phrik, and later on Khao Sadao. – The wind was pretty strong on Khao Phrik, and from the left side. The next day looked more promising – wind from ENE at Khao Sadao. Once again (as many times…) the wind came from the left side, and it was not possible to take off. As Khao Phrik is situated on the right side of a high mountain the wind has a tendency to turn around the mountain.

Hoping for the best we were sitting, sitting, and sitting. Till it was time to walk down.

On Sunday we cut more grass and bushes on Khao Sadao. Now there are two takeoffs ready for flying. So beware the wind Thai and foreign pilots!

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